DPS Dwarka parents gathered to deposit cheque for DOE approved fee only, DPS have not send increased fee proposal for 2022-23 and 2023-24, on questioning to DPS Dwarka Account Department they was not able to provide even ay proof for the same,

Same reply we got from DOE also when we visited to meet them in-person at Civil Lines and RTI Filed last year as well we go same reply, DPS Dwarka last approved fee was Rs. 7785, so same is being persuad for current year 2023-24,

RTI Response of last DOE approved fee for DPS Dwarka

RTI filed by a parent

Parents who gathered and deposited DOE approved fee only

DPS Dwarka increased school fees suddenly in July 2021 and demanded increased fees backward from April 2020, while no school can increase fee even during running year, but DPS Dwarka went way ahead and violated DDA law of land which clearly show DPS Dwarka have to take approval from DOE because DPS Dwarka is built on Govt allocated land in Dwarka sector 3,

and even more…

DPS Dwarka also floated all the rules and regulation and proposed increase fees year by year even on previously rejected proposal, all proposal by DPS Dwarka for fee increase rejected by DOE , DOE clearly stated DPS Dwarka have surplus funds and no need to increase fees