We all as parents facing atrocities and unaccountability from management of DPS Dwarka School, we are here to stand united against Illegal fees hike, Unjustified PTA selections,

We have seen DPS Dwarka management is being arrogant on most of fronts, weather its unapproved fee matter or mismanagement of resources in the school, DPS Dwarka school have largest land in Dwarka compared to other private schools,

Once asking PT teacher for the physical activities of kids and training kids to play more sports, PT teacher recommended some other school for training in other sports, in last session 2022-23 Table Tennis was opted by students which was got removed in session 2023-24 while Table Tennis table is lying in the basement of Auditorium, while school have resources and can encourage students to play more variety of sports, school is discouraging students and forcing students to opt some other sport then Table Tennis

— reported by a parent

DPS Dwarka is not providing any extra curricular activities, their swimming pool is non-functional since 2015 but they have charged swimming pool charges in fees from last 8 years, parents are hapless and get their kids trained for swimming in other places in Dwarka.

admitted by most of parent